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Meet 10 Fit Pregnant Women Who Clapped Back at Their Haters in the Best Way

Revie James

Earlier this year, Instagram fitness star Revie James received a ton of backlash about looking “too big” at 24 weeks pregnant. In a powerful post, the mom-to-be made a public plea reminding people that pregnant ladies have feelings too and that everyone needs to leave baby bumps alone.

“Here’s a tip, don’t mention the size of a bump,” she writes. “No ‘you’re so big!’s’ No ‘oh! You’re so tiny!’s’ Just say something like ‘you look beautiful/ healthy/ amazing!'” Word.

Instagram Brittany Aäe

After fit mom-to-be Brittany Aäe shared a picture of herself rock climbing, followers body-shamed her for being too thin. Hurt by the comments, she decided to make a point. She posted side-by-side pictures of her own pregnant belly against that of plus-size model Tess Holliday, who was famously fat-shamed during her pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is hard enough without also being body shamed….Both of us are shamed for our size – she for her roundness and me for my smallness. Both of us are having or had healthy pregnancies as validated by our healthcare providers,” she wrote.

Sarah Stage

The 32-year-old model took social media by storm after sharing a photo of her tiny baby bump. Throughout her pregnancy, the mom-to-be only gained 28 pounds and caused quite a controversy.

In response to the criticism, she told People, “I’m not sure why people attack me, especially as a new mom. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to make judgments, especially when they don’t know me. I think as women, we should stick together, we should encourage, each other. We shouldn’t bash each other, we shouldn’t tear each other down.” Preach.

Chontel Duncah Chontel Duncan

Instagram fitness queen Chontel Duncan made headlines when she shared a picture standing next to an also-pregnant friend—only four weeks apart in their gestational cycle. Their bodies looked strikingly different and people attacked Duncan for looking too thin and not keeping her baby’s health in mind.

Horrified by the comments, Duncan told Elle, “[Negative comments] don’t affect me…I knew what I was doing was correct, safe, and beneficial for me and my pregnancy and my baby. If anything, I feel bad for commenters for leaving those words.”

Instagram Emily Breeze

CrossFit competitor Emily Breeze found herself the target of trolls after she posted a photo of herself lifting heavy weights while pregnant. People weren’t sure if her exercises were healthy for the baby, yet she proved them wrong after giving birth to healthy boy back in May.

“Honestly, people have taken it to such extremes,” Breeze told TODAY. “The craziest thing I’ve experienced is a lot of males’ (criticisms). And the last time I checked, there were not a lot of males carrying babies … And a lot of young people who are 22 and under; I think that’s the kind of people that spend time trolling on there anyways, and don’t have much else to do.” Clearly, no negative comments are bringing this mom down.

Instagram Sophie Guidolin

This Australian fitness model gained a relatively small amount of weight while carrying twins. Of course, people had something negative to say, so she posted side-by-side photos of her first pregnancy (carrying one child) next to a shot of when she was carrying twins at the same gestation.

Even though she was carrying two babies in the second photo, her bump was much smaller. In an interview with People, she explained that the difference was simply because she focused on exercise and proper nutrition.

Instagram Hannah Polites

Like several other Instagram stars, Hannah Polites, a midwife and fitness expert from Australia, documented her pregnancy with her 1.3 million followers. She received a slew of criticism about her weight but had the perfect response: “It’s truly shocking to read some of the comments regarding my health and that of my unborn baby, especially at a time where women are particularly vulnerable and can be more sensitive to bullying,” she told the Gold Post Bulletin. “I do not take the negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood.”

InstagramSia Cooper

This professional blogger, who runs Diary of a Fit Mommy, has gained thousands of followers through inspiring photos and videos showing how she kept fit during pregnancy. Unfortunately, she also gained several haters who claimed that her fit lifestyle was unhealthy for her unborn baby.

In an inspirational post, she confesses to feeling shocked by the negative reactions.”It’s sad that we still live in a day and age where people think pregnant ladies are crippled,” she says. “Well, guess what? We’re not.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Instagram Stacie Venagro

At 30 weeks pregnant, fitness queen Stacie Venagro still had six-pack abs. Of course, several people had something to say about that. While addressing her haters, the 31-year-old mom told SELF: “They don’t bother me. I know that the people making those comments don’t know anything about me so it’s OK. Everyone will have an opinion but only those who know me know who I am. That’s all that matters to me.”



Daegan Coyne

Daegan Coyne is a pregnant lawyer and bodybuilder. It’s not surprising that her incredible lifestyle choices have helped her look phenomenal while 30 weeks pregnant. That said, several people criticized the seemingly small size of her belly.

To shut down the haters, Coyne took to Instagram and shared a picture of her bellysaying: “Given I am yet to see one lady carry their pregnancy shape and size the same as another, I believe it’s safe to assume peeps that there is no ‘one size fits all’ pregnancy.” We couldn’t agree more. Rock that bump, girl!



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