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Miracle Enzyme – Once You Make It, You Will Not Leave It!


– It prevents skin allergies, purifies the air, maintains and cleans the kitchen…

It turns waste into gold! – Every housewife’s dream – multipurpose cleaning agent which is completely natural, environmental friendly, non – toxic, and no synthetic materials – and the best of all, it can be made at home, from the kitchen garbage.

Sounds too good to be true? But many who have made it, are already using this tool, and speak about its remarkable efficiency. This great tool for cleaning is really easy to make: kitchen waste (remains of fruits and vegetables) are placed in a plastic container or bottle, then add brown sugar, and leave it to ferment for three months.

The brown acid that you get is a waste enzyme and you can use it diluted with water (1: 1000) and according to numerous testimonies, it really does wonders. You will find the recipe with detailed explanation at the end of the text.

  1. It purifies the air: It generates ozone (O3) and not only kills bacteria but also increases oxygen in the air and removes odors.
  2. Maintains the bathroom clean: with the waste enzyme you can clean the WC – shells because it prevents blockage and destroys harmful bacteria. Decompose all the dirt and accumulated fat.
  3. Maintain and clean your house: it’s antiseptic. Wash the floors with water in which you put two tablespoons of this enzyme and it will glow of purity. It kills bacteria, repels mosquitoes and other pests.
  4. Maintains a clean kitchen: with diluted solution of the waste enzyme you can clean the stove, oven, dishes. Effectively cleans the stubborn stains.
  5. Maintains and cleans clothes: soak clothes in water with little of the waste enzyme. It will neutralize the harmful ingredients that remained of detergents and washing procedure makes it easy and softens the clothes. Your clothes will be really clean, because the waste enzyme cleans all stains.
  6. Cleans vegetables: when washing vegetables, put a little water in the waste enzyme, and thus remove pesticides. Make sure to eat this fruit.
  7. For skin care and detergents: diluted solution of waste enzyme (1:10) add in shampoos, shower gels and detergents. It will neutralize harmful chemical toxins.

It prevents skin allergies: washing your body with this solution will free you from skin problems and your skin will be soft as silk.

Do not dilute the waste enzyme with hot water, because the higher temperature destroys the enzymes.

  1. For the care of your pets: with a solution of enzyme waste you can wash your pet, because it destroys fleas, scabies and various fungi. Spray the bed of your pet with the solution, and it will neutralize the bad smell and the fur will be even thicker!
  2. For maintenance of vehicles: a smaller amount of waste enzyme adds to bowl with cool water. The engine should be cool, and it will continue its lifetime, and if the solution is sprayed inside the car it will neutralize odors.

10. Natural fertilizer: The diluted waste enzyme (500-1000 times) can be used for watering the plants, flowers and trees. As a great fertilizer helps the plants to grow. Barren soil should be sealed three months in a row for the quality of the soil to improve.

11. According to some statements: this enzyme can even protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

IMPORTANT: By using this waste enzyme, each individual contributes to the collective consciousness of the need to protect our ozone. We lived in a clean and unpolluted environment. Food did not contained toxins from the soil used for pesticides and soil would be rich in nutrients.


Dr. Jean Oon: To make the Earth greener with the waste enzyme!

One of the most meritorious persons for informing the public on the benefits of waste enzyme is vegan and advocate for the protection of the environment from Penang in Malaysia, Dr Jean Oon. She is director of the Center for Naturopathy and Environmental Protection, international lecturer of Chinese Society for the Prevention of cancer, and often speaks on the topic health and achieving inner peace.

She is also a wife and mother of three girls. In 2006 she traveled to Thailand to study alternative medicine with Rosukon Poompanvong, naturopath and organic farmer. For outstanding achievements in the field of organic farming as agrarian innovator Rosukon in 2003 received recognition from Thai Regional Office of the Food and Farming of the UN (FAO). Dr. Rosukon deals actively with research enzymes for more than 30 years, and in fact it is a “maker” of waste enzyme.

What is the waste enzyme?

It is an organic compound that is produced by the fermentation of simple residue of fruits or fresh vegetables, along with brown sugar and water.

Dr. Rosukon said natural fermentation produces chains of proteins, mineral salts and enzymes. Based on the research, Dr. Rosukon claims that the waste enzyme reduces global warming because in the catalytic process during the formation of the enzyme, generates gas ozone, O3, which reduces levels of harmful substances from the atmosphere.

Because cities can be planted with many trees, we can use this organic matter.

During fermentation, it is constantly releasing oxygen, which is the same as if you planted 10 trees.

About the process of creating a waste enzyme Dr Oon was taught by Dr. Rosukon, so returning in Penang, she began to popularize its use. Dr Oon deemed important every household to make this enzyme and pour it into the sewage drainage systems, which would contribute to the purification of the oceans and rivers.

Dr Oon said that 1 liter of the solution of waste enzyme can purify up to 1000 liters of contaminated river water.

Process of making waste enzymes



  • 1 part brown sugar
  • 3 parts plant waste
  • 10 parts water

If you use more vegetable waste, there will be sourer odor of the vegetables, so it is best to put more fruit peel, citrus, to get a pleasant smell.

Record the date of “production”.

After three months the waste enzyme will be ready for use.

First month, the cap of the bottle should be opened every day due to the accumulated gas generated during fermentation. Because it is certainly recommend using plastic containers.

During the first month of fermentation will be alcohol free, so when you open the bottle to smell the alcohol. The second will feel the characteristic sour smell, and finally in the third month you will get waste enzyme.

When you get the enzyme, you don’t have to use it immediately. You can keep it for years.

If you happen to fail the fermentation and it starts smelling bad, you just add a little brown sugar. For example, the bottle containing 1 liter of water should be added to 100 g of sugar. Mix well, mix it, and then seal it. Do not open for a month.

You can sometimes find worms in the waste solution. The main reason for this is not fully closed cap. If the container is closed worms will not appear.

The fermented liquid should be strained, and the waste is thrown, or dried and used as a fertilizer.


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