Monday , 11 December 2017

Moms Start Allergy-Friendly Food Pantry For Low-Income Families On Special Diets

You might roll your eyes when you hear that someone has a gluten intolerance, but in fact, the epidemic is very real and continues to increase in prevalence. The Organic Consumers Association believes this is because modern wheat in America is heavily sprayed with RoundUp, an herbicide which contains glyphosate. In addition, certain health experts believe that the modern version of wheat – which contains a protein called glia-alpha 9, basically triggers celiac disease in the population. It doesn’t help that the food also is believed to contribute to leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome in conjunction with low stomach acid and a diet high in refined sugars, low-quality fats, and too much animal protein can result in particulates ‘leaking’ through the gut wall and being identified as an ‘invader’ by the immune system. Inevitably, this results in inflammation and allergen-like responses. This combination is most likely what’s behind most peoples’ food allergies – but definitely not always.

Because dietary intolerances are on the rise, more and more families are choosing to omit foods which may trigger inflammatory responses. Companies are now selling products that may be suitable for those on for those on ‘special diets’, but the offerings are incredibly expensive, making them off-limits for low-income families.

Because no parent should ever have to feel as if they can’t help themselves or their child – especially when it concerns something as fixable as food allergies and low-quality food, two moms decided to start a food pantry that specifically caters to families with food allergies.

According to a feature report by NationSwell, the nation’s first allergy-friendly food pantry was founded by Emily Brown and Amy Goode because they both had financial difficulties buying the right foods for their kids.

The two Kansas moms met at a food allergy support group and launched the Food Equality Initiative to make sure that everyone can benefit from free, healthy groceries.



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