Friday , 19 January 2018

Mother Convinced Her Son To Freeze Sperm – 23 Years Later Something Unimaginable Happened!

Alex Powell was just 15 when his stepmother Patricia persuaded him to freeze sperm. It may sound bizarre, but she had a good reason. In fact, Alex then has been diagnosed cancer and prescribed chemotherapy. While doctors had not thought about it, his stepmother knew that after chemotherapy can remain barren, writes Daily Mail.

Although the proposal was unusual, Alex accepted and went to the sperm bank to freeze his own copy. It proved to be an excellent idea which resulted in a miracle and breaking a world record.


Alex survived cancer and fully healed, and in 2013 get married. The couple wanted to establish a family, but Alex was barren. Then the boy remembered the unpleasant suggestion that occurred more than 20 years ago and decided to try it with the frozen sperm

Xavier Powell was born on June 17, 2015 and became “the oldest baby in the world” because it came from sperm 23 years old. The case of Alex also served for oncologists as an example, so future cases advised to freeze their semen.

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