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Natural cures for the common baby problems

Rashes, cramps and the painful teeth development are common problems in babies which can be stopped or reduced with the help of various teas and herbs. Here are several advices and recipes.prirodni-lekovi-za-najchestite-problemi-kaj-bebinata-1


The rash can appear on the neck, the baby’s skin or, most commonly, in the parts covered with the diaper. The rash can change its color from pale red, to bright red and finally it can thicken the skin filling it with pus acnes. The most common reasons for a rash are the dissolving products in the urine and the poop, the inappropriate detergents and softeners or the use of inappropriate cosmetics for skin care. It is best to wash baby’s skin with plain water and to avoid the use of antibacterial and aromatic soups, as well as baby wipes because the alcohol and perfumes that they contain can irritate the skin. In order to prevent rashes the dermatologists recommend using products that have a balanced pH, without artificial colors and synthetic perfumes, with natural herbal extracts and etheric oils as chamomile, aloe vera, yarrow, pot marigold etc. But, the problems won’t fade away just using herbal products, because it is imperative to find what causes the rash.


Stomach cramps are stressful for both the baby and the parents. But, there are several effective ways to stop them.

At the beginning, the baby can drink chamomile or mint tea. The anise tea can also be used for the same purpose. The anise tea boost the producing of the juices in the stomach and it reduces the feeling of fullness in the stomach. Another cure is the lavender etheric oil added in the hot water in which the baby is bathed.

Despite this, a pediatric should see the baby’s condition in order to determine if there are any medical problems and to confirm that the baby is healthy with no other problems.

Teeth development

The first teeth develop in the first six months. That can be followed by a high body temperature accompanied with anxiety, insomnia, irritation and swollen and red gums. This can be healed with the use of chamomile and lemon balm tea.

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