Friday , 19 January 2018

“No! Take him back ” and similar statements of mothers in childbirth

"Ne! Vratite ga nazad'' i slične izjave majki na porođaju

Childbirth may lead women to swear and curse men and doctors, but also to say the various nonsensical things. Read some interesting statements of mothers in these difficult times …

In fact, at one site doctors, nurses, and proud parents shared their unusual and funny experiences with childbirth. A list has about 3,000 adventures, we bring you six most memorable.

1. Not at all!
“When my brother was born, they had to pull him with forceps. When my mother saw it she began to scream that these are forks for the salad and that they will not be put into her”

2. Fast delivery is not necessarily painless
“From the beginning of the birth to my birth had been less than an hour, so everything lasted a very short, which means that my mother did not have time to adjust neihter the weakest neither the strongest pain. On the way to the hospital, dad had to stand on a gas station, and just at that moment there was a man in a wheelchair and asked him to buy cigarettes because the approach was not handicap accessible. Then my mother emphasized on the window shouting, “Do not help a disabled person! ‘ ”

3. Put him back!
“When my mother saw my brother at birth which they head and face were deformed from birth was shouting ‘No! Take him back’ ”

4. She changed her mind …
” The patient was completely open, began to push, and then changed her mind. She said she changed her mind to go home, and tried to get off the birth of the table ”

5. Demon?
“My woman told me with a demonic voice ‘Bring better ice cubes, these are disgusting,’ I did not know what they were and whether they have missed something, but I just turned and ran per full glass of other ‘

6. Unreal Reality
“I was on medication then, and i asked for grilled ribs between contractions. I begged my husband telling him, ‘Come on dear sisters will never know’ …. While they stood a meter and a half from us’

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