Tuesday , 16 January 2018

NOTICE: Clean how much you have to: Life is out there, live it!

While you’re cleaning, your child is eagerly you and time with you. Hairdresser has not seen you for months, but friends do not notice whether your dust is cleared or not, they only see you.


This article is for all those ladies who can not get to read a book, write a diary, play with their child, go to the hairdresser, manicure, pedicure … This is for all those women who constantly clean and working Sisyphean task:


Remember that layers of dust protects the wood underneath. The house becomes a home when you can print on the furniture – I love you.

I’m used every weekend to spend at least 8 hours of cleaning, because I wanted everything to be perfect, just in case someone comes to me.

Finally one day I realized that no one came – they were all out there, living and having fun.

Today, when people visit me, I do not have to explain them the condition of my home, all of them are interested in the things I was doing and I do while I am living and having fun.

If you have not realized themselves, please listen to this advice. Life is short. Enjoy it!

Clean as much as you need …. would not it be better to paint a picture or write a letter, or bake a cake or plant a flower, you learn the difference between a I want and I have to?

Clean as much as you need … but you do not have too much time …. with rivers that you can swim, mountains that you want to climb, the music you want to hear, friendships that you want to keep, and the life you want to live …

Clean as much as you need, but life is out there, with the sun in your eyes, the wind in your hair, flakes of snow on your face, raindrops …. This day will not happen again!

Clean as much as you need to, but keep in mind …. Age will come, and it is not nice … but when you die, and to die has to be …. by yourself you will only make even more dust … “

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