Sunday , 17 December 2017

Parents Everywhere Are Ugly Crying Thanks To This Gut-Punch Of An Ad

  The ad drives home the joy and heartache of watching our kids grow up Who would have thought an ad for glass cleaner would have us reaching for the tissues? Well, prepare yourselves, parents everywhere. Because Windex just released a new ad as part of its “Give Life A Sparkle” campaign that focuses on the relationship between a father …

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Moms Share Rude Comments That Have Been Hurled At Them While Breastfeeding

If you don’t want to see a woman breastfeed in public, look away. It really is that simple It is a tale as old as time (and we mean it’s getting really, really old). It seems complete strangers still feel no shame asking mothers who are feeding their children to cover themselves so they can feel comfortable in public. What’s almost as …

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What Happens When You Give A Mother Touch-Free Time

A year ago I wrote “Why A Mother Doesn’t Want To Be Touched.” In it, I discussed how my wife sometimes gets “touched out.” We had three small children (8, 5, and 11 months) at that time, and after having them cling to her all day, she wanted nothing but to sit alone without anyone tugging at her body. This placed …

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Stop Calling My Breastfeeding Son a ‘Boob Guy’

There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about for awhile. I’ve been wanting to get off my chest, to set the record straight before I lose it on some random stranger or a distant family member with boundary issues. So, here it goes: My son is not a “boob guy.” You heard me. My son doesn’t breastfeed because he’s “obsessed with …

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Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is What You Must know!

As much as we try to protect ourselves from cancer and keep it bay, the society we live in makes this task difficult and even impossible to carry out.  This doesn’t surprise us anymore, given that cancer is in GMO pesticide DNA seed designs, sun block lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, and toothpastes.  It may be lurking in your pantry, your medicine …

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