Tuesday , 12 December 2017

When Adults Choose Not To Vaccinate Against Measles, Babies Pay The Price

The U.S. has made major progress against measles over the years. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t backslide. When adults choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children against measles, it’s babies and toddlers who suffer most. In a new analysis of all measles cases from 2001 to 2015, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that …

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Mom Wakes From C-Section To Find Both Her Legs Amputated

Not even in your wildest dreams would you want anyone to go through this terrible trauma what Ella Clarke, 31 of Torquay, Devon has experienced. Clarke was pregnant with her eighth baby but she had a condition called placenta previa, also known as a low-lying placenta. Midway through her pregnancy, Clarke was told she would have to deliver via C-section. …

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Furious mother hits out at Facebook after a photo of her toddler is banned – because her rare skin condition looks ‘undesirable’ and would make others ‘feel bad about themselves’

A furious mother has hit out at Facebook after it banned a photo of her one-year-old daughter, who suffers from a rare condition that causes her to break out in blisters at the slightest touch. Rhiannon Atkinson, 30, posted pictures of Pippa’s feet to raise awareness of epidermolysis bullosa (EB) – which strikes one in 50,000 people. But she claims …

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The Heartbreaking Story Behind These Purple Butterfly Stickers

The exasperated mother trying to soothe her twins turned to the other mother in the room, the one who was sitting in her rocking chair next to her daughter. With a slight shake of her head, the mother looked at the sole baby sleeping in her crib and said, “You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins … “ It was a seemingly innocent …

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Doctor Who Warned Families About Vaccine Dangers, Found Dead

A doctor who warned families about the dangers of mandatory vaccines has been found dead a day after he was reported missing.The body of Dr. Peter Cianfrani, 70, was discovered by search teams on Wednesday morning just off of the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.The longtime family doctor, who disappeared Tuesday was discovered in an isolated woodland area near a trail …

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Here’s the real story behind the viral photo that had so many judging this mom

It’s been over a year since a photo of Molly Lensing, taken without her permission, first went viral. Still, the Illinois mom-of-three says the image continues to haunt her. The photo was captured in a Colorado airport in 2016, where Lensing and her youngest daughter, Anastasia, then 2 months old, were attempting to return home after visiting family. In the image, Lensing …

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Nanny Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Video Shows Rough Handling Of Infant

Annemarie Theron, a 31 year-old mother from Namibia, describes how she felt “betrayed” after she witnessed her childminder violently assaulting her infant daughter on a “nanny cam—that had only just been installed a few hours before.  Her husband had installed the camera after their daughter seemed “frightened of her nanny” and they spotted bruising and injuries on her. The mother expressed …

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