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Photo: Mother Continues To Breastfeed Her Six Year Old Daughter

Masha Al Musa is 52 years old and has six year old daughter that she still breastfeed.

The mother proudly says that she will continues to breastfeed her daughter anywhere and anytime, as long as her child requires it, because it is her natural right and necessary.
Her daughter has not received any vaccine because the mother believed in the power of milk.
What is your opinion mothers, do you support her decision to continue breastfeeding?



  1. Healthy as it may be 6 years is a bit much IMO

  2. Plenty of breast fed children Are still at risk of catching diseases. I would say this woman is irresponsible and delusional. Feeding a child age 6 is a bit much. Express if you feel that strongly about your child having breast milk.

    • Not all women can express easily and it’s actually better to get it from the source. A woman’s body is able to read saliva through the nipple and can tell exactly what the child needs.

      • Oh really I would so need to see the research on that

        • Anisa Joy Vanden Bosch

          This is true. There is research out there that shows when a child is sick the mothers hormones know and it produces antibodies the come through the milk for the child to help them heal

      • Plenty of research, I’ve read several articles on this. Also in my own breastfeeding experience my child overcame viruses quicker due to the antibodies in my milk. She contracted a virus that I then got and passed to my husband, we were both couch bound for days while she recovered in 2 days!

    • Wow. Express?! Get real and keep your negative bull crap to yourself.

  3. Nursing a child to 6 or 7 years of age in this country is not very common (at least not publicly) because mamas who do have the opportunity to nurse this long have to deal with the social pressures of others around them. Babies need their mama’s milk longer than this country’s common belief thinks.

  4. My belief is at the age of 2-3yrs they should not be taking any breast feed because after that it’s water in in this global warming we are living they over need the vaccine.

  5. You go mumma……you do what is best for your child…….no one elses opinion matters……..there will be plenty of haters out there …..but each to there own

  6. What are her motives doing this? Who does she think it’s benefiting? Herself or her child?

  7. Way to go momma! Human milk is for humans, as cows is for cow babies.your milk has so many needed nutrients and does so much good for your daughter.this is impressive.keep at national wide weaning age is 5-7 so you could possibly make it past that. Props. 🙂

  8. 6 years old is a bit much? No its not how long she wants to breastfeed is between her and her child. I think it’s awesome that she is breastfeeding that long. Breastmilk is liquid gold and if her daughter what’s it then she has every right to have it. I hope my daughter will still want the good stuff at 6

  9. Wonderful
    And that is friggin awesome that you are smart enough to not poison your baby with vaccines!! Love it! I’m also a breastfeeding non vaxxing mom!!

    • I am genuinely interested to know if your child gets sick would you or have you given them prescribed medication?

  10. I have no problem with this women breastfeeding her child, but the no vaxing stance is the problem. She needs to educate herself!

    • No, you need to educate YOURSELF.

    • Anisa Joy Vanden Bosch

      The research done is showing how harmful vaccines are. We did vaccines for my whole life and just learned about how harmful hey are and stopped. I’m 19. Sadly we didn’t learn sooner but we did know about not needing Gardasil so I never got that. Learn the harm before your child gets older and get hurt by them. Prob why I have a few of my medical conditions.

  11. Hmmm it’s natural but it’s not necessary. I am interested to know if her breasts ‘naturally’ keep a supply or weather she is expressing between feeds to keep her supply.

    • You do not need to express between feeds to keep up your supply. As long as you are breastfeeding you make milk. The breasts are amazing in that they increase or reduce supply to demand, something that few people realise. It is no effort to long term breastfeed, it is just something that occurs naturally if you don’t have some “cutoff” point in mind. I never intended long term breastfeeding with my children, it just occurred naturally.

  12. According to the WHO, The average age to wean a child is 4.2 years. I allowed baby-led weaning with my 7 children, most of them weaned by 3 yrs, two of my children weaned at 8 and 9 yrs. Read studies done by Katherine Dettwyler on human feeding practices. It’s healthy, and normal, I chose not to forcefully stop my children before they were ready.I was still lactating at 52 yrs, and breastfed 2 of my grand children, when they needed it. This is how it used to be, and completely normal 100 yrs ago.

  13. Good job, Masha. There are some very culturally-biased comments here. Before I had kids, I used to feel the same way, but I had the opportunity to travel in many developing countries where extended nursing is the norm. Observing the kids really blew my mind. I rode chicken buses all over Central America that were flooded with children. No tantrums, no crying, no obnoxious behavior. My observation is that American children are the most clingy, insecure, and poorly behaved kids I have ever seen. I noticed that kids in Africa and Central America are really independent and responsible. Many kids work and collect money from all passengers. They make accurate change and ride on the roof handling bags and packages. In Africa, most 12 year olds are very grounded–so different from the suicidal, sulky teens you often see in middle and high schools today. The difference is amazing. Let your kids take their time to grow and develop naturally. When my kids were younger, sometimes it felt as though they would never stop nursing or sleep in their own beds, but they did when they were ready. My kids are older now and are more independent and secure than many of their peers. My 13 year old son runs his own business, knows how to grocery shop and cook. He can fix cars and motorcycles, etc. He has a bank account and debit card and knows how to drive (but doesn’t drive on roads, lol!) He constantly gets comments about how mature he is. When he was little, he was a vaccine-injured mess who cried all the time and had sensory melt-downs every time I brought him to the grocery store or mall, so that’s why I nursed him and coddled him for so long. He really blossomed and I thank God that I listened to my maternal instinct. He has taught me so much. My kids have never been on antibiotics and have nicely-spaced, cavity-free teeth. They have great facial development and high cheek bones. No braces, high IQ’s. Research the anthropological literature and think outside the cultural box people!

  14. I am not arrogant enough to believe that my opinion on how she chooses to raise her family matters. No one has a right to judge her on what she is doing at all. If extended breastfeeding isn’t for you don’t do it. If you believe vaccines are important to keep your family healthy then vaccinate your family. End of story. She has made her choice and you have made yours and it’s okay if those choices are different.

  15. Amazing mama! Few parents bother to research the horrifying dangers of vaccination. Most mainstream parents will feel accomplished if they research car seats and bike helmets but simply and blindly roll over for the most common, horrific danger, vaccines. Even parents against GMO’s still find it acceptable to not only inject their own children with aluminum, aborted fetal cells, mercury (thimerisol), the SV40 virus from the kidney cells of rhesus monkeys that the CDC admitted caused cancer in 1-2 million people from the polio vaccine etc. but many also take the perverted stance of wanting other people’s children forcibly poisoned via vaccination and other Pharmaceutical drugs. This stance is from ignorance and hatred and is perpetrated by the blind followers of the pharmaceutical industry who apparently support the fact that they have had complete immunity against responsibility for the illness, damage and death caused by their vaccines since 1986. These are facts, try reading ALL of the information, heads must be removed from sand to research. My advice for this mama is to watch carefully who follows this post, I believe someone in the comments wishes to harass you regarding your choices. Blessings!

  16. Kudos momma. Few people in cultures that aren’t breastfeeding-normalized realize the benefits of extended nuring. It’s not sexual. It’s immunologically beneficial and consistent with the worldwide average age of weaning of 4.4 years (once higher). I know it took a lot of courage to speak out knowing how narrow-thinking much of the population is, but certainly you are not alone. I’m are midwife and this is the norm for many women I know.

  17. My first thought was “get a life,” I think breast feeding is absolutely the best but honestly six years old reminds me of The last emperor by six a child neeeds to be part of the bigger world – I would go more for the family bed if there attachment/ security issues but even that should be resolving by 6

  18. I have 7 children, I allowed baby-led weaning on the last 5. Three of them self-weaned at around 2-3 yrs., two of my children continued to nurse beyond kindergarten age. It’s natural and normal. Read studies by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD, on human feeding practices. Also note that the AVERAGE age world-wide for weaning a child, according to the WHO is 4.2 years. This mother is sacrificing extra time and love for her child.

  19. I was still breastfeeding an older, unvaxxed child at age 52 also! Read the studies done by researcher Katherine Detwhyler PhD on human feeding practices. It is not uncommon to breastfeed a child well beyond a year. According to the World Health Organization, the average age to wean a child (worldwide), is 4 1/2 years. Two of my 7 children chose to breastfeed well beyond that. My 7 breastfed, unvaccinated children are adults now, all super healthy with no chronic health issues, athletic, intelligent, and ,.. very good-looking!

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