Tuesday , 21 November 2017

Photo Which Has Attracted Public Attention: Baby Surrounded By Syringes

Powerful photo, which in a great way describes the pain and joy of in vitro fertilization, sentimentalize thousands of people throughout the world and encourage them to share their experiences.

On the picture female baby sleep peacefully on the bed surrounded by hundreds of syringes in the form of heart aThey were used by the baby’s mother, Angela, during several in vitro fertilization procedures.

In the description is written that the photo is proof of the love that was invested to make this wonderful baby.

Angela’s doctor claims that during several  in vitro cycles were used more syringes than those in the photo. Angela advises all women who are going through the same path as her to endure.

This picture for just a few days is shared thousands of times, and in hundreds of comments many mothers shared pictures of their children conceived by in vitro and recognize that was worth their each sacrifice.



One of the mothers who was touched by the photo wrote on Facebook: ” I did not even tell to my husband for what is the photo, i just handed the phone to see. I saw tears forming in his eyes, probably because such as me, he also went through the memories of the countless nights when he put me injections during our 4-year journey. Finally successfully we got twin boys and we have never been happier. ”

“My twins conceived by IVF now have 13 years. It was worth every injection, every procedure, every kilometer to the fertility clinic “- wrote another mother.

“It was worth every blood sampling, every injection, every moment ‘- was wrote.

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