Saturday , 25 November 2017

Photographs That Show How A Baby Fits In Womb

Have you ever wondered how the baby fit in mother’s belly? Look at the wonderful photos which showing the positions of these beautiful little creatures in the womb.

Mari Fermont from the Netherlands has made artworks for demonstrating newborn baby in their natural position, just as they were in the womb. Why has chosen this way of photographing and how recording look like, this famous photographer discovered to a reporter of parental portal

   1. Where did you first see photos like this ?

I started my career as a photographer for a newborn in the Netherlands a few years ago. When I first photographed accidentally I managed to capture the natural position of the child in the womb. After that, I took several courses on multishot baby.

  2. Do parents always require to capture their baby in this way?

Sometimes, yes. I always ask the midwife to show parents the correct position of the baby for photographing. With her instruction, the father or mother can hold in their hands while I photograph.

  3. Babies look very vulnerable in this pose. Do they feel relaxed?

Very. If they would not feel in that way the photographs would never have succeeded. They feel relaxed while lying.

  4. Did you have an example of a baby who did not want to be photographed this way?

Actually, no. Most babies automatically take this pose. You just have to hold them for several minutes

  5. Do you want something else to share with the readers about these photographs?

Most parents can not believe that their baby looks like this in the mother’s belly. It is hard to imagine how the baby is moving when is time for the birth. These photographs have enabled a large number of parents to learn something new. Although I am mother of two boys I still wonder how they looked when they were in my belly.

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