Sunday , 21 January 2018

Playful Design Of Couch That Looks Like A Huge And Comfortable Nest

Mera (Salute) Ejtan  and Geston Zar the “OGE Creative Group” were inspired by the structure of the nest, and therefore decided to design a playful space for relaxation. This design called “The vast nest of birds to create new ideas” and consists of a circular wooden structure filled with soft cushions in the form of eggs. On this couch you can rest, work, or even to use as a mini playground.


Unconventional concept exceeds the limits of typical couch and provides a new and fun way for relaxing and socializing. This product can be ordered in four sizes, ranging from small space to handle up 2 to 3 people, up to space the size of 4.5 meters which could comfortably accommodate 16 or so people. The company behind this design says:

“The concept is powerful, but also simple. It does not need any explanation or instructions for use, is instantly ready to use, whether it is for fun or work. Just jump in and enjoy it. “

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