Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Right or Wrong? This English Mom Plans To Breastfeed Her Daughter Until She Turns 10

Miira Dawson, started to breastfeed her daughter since she was born and strongly believes in the cognitive benefits of this practice. Now at age 36 she hopes to continue and breastfeed her daughter, now age 6, until she turns 10.

According to the World Health Organization a mother should breastfeed her for 6  months, at least. But there is no reason to stop, and if she continues to do so, there are no negative health issues recorded so far. On the other hand, there aren`t enough data collected about older kids who have continued with consuming breast milk.

Source: www.buzzfanzine.com

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  1. You go mama. Do what is best for you and your sweet girl. I support you.

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