Thursday , 18 January 2018

She Wasn’t Supposed To Live – So What Happened To The World’s Smallest Premature Baby?

It goes without saying that any birth is special. It’s part of the renewal of life, the continuation of the species. Yes, there can be times when nature nullifies such a blessed event, but for the most part, biological banks on love overcoming any real problem to produce another joy to the world. Sometimes, though, the deck is stacked in favor of tragedy.

This Is Baby Emilia


From genetic conditions to physical maladies, babies can come into society already suffering. And then there are those who jump the gun, so to speak, coming out too soon and requiring a massive medical response just to make it to the next day.

She Was Born Premature – VERY Premature


For these precious preemies, for these infants who arrive way too early to the party, we present the newest member of your VIP club – Emilia Grabarczyk – and she’s a very special member indeed. You see, unlike most premature babies, this little miracle wasn’t supposed to make it. When she arrived several weeks early, she weighed a mere 229 grams. That’s about half a pound.

Everything About Her Was Small


She was only 8.6 inches long, and her foot was an astonishing 1.2 inches – about the size of a human thumb.  Many believe Emilia is the world’s smallest preemie. A previous candidate for the title was Rumaisa Rahman, born in Chicago after only 25 weeks. She was 8 inches tall and 14 grams heavier than Emilia (243 grams).

Very, Very Small


Naturally, survival is the biggest concern when it comes to premature children. One of her doctors told the local German press ““Even children with a birth weight of 396 grams rarely survive. We have to thank Emilia as well for her own survival. She is a little fighter.” For six months, it was very much  touch and go. But the baby proved her medical staff correct and started to take on weight. Even after abdominal surgery at 340 grams, she continue to fight on. Currently, she is 3kg (roughly 6.6lbs) and going strong. Like we said before, birth is indeed special.

Here Is Emilia Today


And Here She Is With Her Proud Parents




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