Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Should You Let Your Baby Cry Itself To Sleep?

Often wake up at night is one of the biggest problems that young parents have with babies. However, doctors now advise that babies should be let to cry out and to fall asleep by itself.



“The best advice is to put your babies every night to sleep at the same time, let them fall asleep themselves and resist the urge to respond immediately on waking up,” says Professor Marcia Vajnraub, an expert on child development and the relationship between parents and children with Temple University in Philadelphia.

Her new study published in the journal “Developmental Psychology” followed the habits sleep in more than 1,200 babies. Professor Vajnraub says: “Until six months of age, most babies sleep through the night, and the mother is awaken once a week. However, not all children follow the pattern of this kind of development. ”

During the study, the sleep-wake patterns of children aged between six and 36 months were measured, and the discovery sorted into two groups: sleepers and transition sleepers. “Бabies as children are shifted into the sleep cycle every 1.5 to two hours when they wake up, and then continue to sleep,” she says.

They found that in the sixth month, 66 percent of babies is one of the sleepers, or children who sleep through the night or wake up only once a week.

However, even 33 percent wake up every night for six months, then two nights a week until 15 months and eventually once a week until the age of two.

Of the babies who woke up, most were boys.

“The transition sleepers” had a higher score on the test complexity of temperament, which means that they were easily irritable and nervous.

In addition, mothers of such children were often depressed and were more sensitive.

“Families whose babies have trouble with sleeping for more than 18 months should seek professional help,” adds Professor Vajnraub.

“When mothers respond to the baby any dissatisfaction, for a long time they can not get used to sleep by themselves.”


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