Tuesday , 12 December 2017

So Touching: Toddler cries for joy after seeing her baby sister through ultrasound scan


That’s how to describe this toddler who caught the hearts of the online community after she was seen in a video hugging and kissing the TV screen after her parents showed her a footage of her baby sister’s 3D scan.

Gemma Page mentioned in her article for Mirror CO UK published on May 27 that Myla I’Anson from Nottingham was recorded in a video obviously ecstatic when her parents showed her footage from their 16-week baby’s 3D scan.

The toddler struggles to contain her happiness, and when she was overcome with emotion, she bursts into tears and says: “I love my baby sister” and “I miss her”.

The adorable moment was posted by 27-year-old mom Carly Tansley on Facebook last Wednesday and has nearly 185,000 views as of posting.

Carly said Myla has always been adamant that they were having a baby girl as the toddler had always been wanting a baby sister.

“She’s a proper girly girl and she loves all of her princesses and everything pink. I will definitely show her the video when they’re fighting and pulling each other’s hair,” Carly said; describing Myla.

The mother added that she never expected her daughter’s reaction, but said she is happy that people are able to have a glimpse of what an “amazing caring little girl” they have.

An article by Katrina Turrill for Express said that Carly was initially laughing upon seeing how the video had affected little Myla, but the mother admitted she got affected a little as the moment was so heartwarming.

“She’s already decided she’s going to give up her dummies to give them to her. She’s keeping and saving lots of things and toys to give to her when she’s born,” Carly said; talking about Myla.

“She’s also decided to call her Snow White. It was Aurora last week so we’ll probably have to name her Ariel or Elsa next week,” she added.

Myla’s Dad, 27-year-old Chris, said that seeing her daughter’s reaction pulls at his “heart strings a little bit,” as he’s aware how adamant the toddler is that her mother is having a girl.

“She decided she needed a sister to dress up as a Disney princess. We did have chat about how she’d react if we were having a boy but it just would’ve meant that he’d have to play princesses with her at some point in his life,” Chris shared.

Source: kickerdaily.com

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