Monday , 11 December 2017

Social Experiment – UNICEF – Homeless Children – Video

There’s been made a social experiment by UNICEF in which 6-year-old girl has the role, Anna.

This “homeless” child was treated very differently depending on how she was dressed.

To show that “street kids” are treated worse than ordinary children, children who are well dressed.

UNICEF - Social Experiment - Homeless Children - Video

When Anna was dressed like the “street kids” the people were so cruel to her, some of the comments were: – “Go away; I don’t want to see you here, anymore!” 

But when she was well-dressed, the people were very kind. She was getting love and full attention.

The experiment had to be called off! The little girl went out of the restaurant crying and she couldn’t calm down.

She said: – “This made me sad” 

UNICEF - Social Experiment - Homeless Children - Video

According to UNICEF, there are 150 million homeless children in the world today.


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