Wednesday , 13 December 2017

Support for mothers: Photographs of female bodies after childbirth again conquering the world

The new project of photographer Jade Beall, which is still in preparation, will make you even more respectful to mothers and women in general. Here’s about what isquestion …

Photographer Jade Beall, which became known after starting the campaign “beautiful body”, wanting to show how “real” women and mothers really look and broke the illusion of flawless body and perfect woman, now is back in the public eye.

In fact, Jade wants to create a new website that will be exclusively for women, and on which would be found unchanged ie raw portraits of mothers around the world and live images to follow these portraits.

She currently is working on raising money for the project “You’re beautiful”, who introduced as a new radical media platform that will serve photographers from around the world to put unprocessed photos and inspiring stories of women who will promote a healthy body in its natural form, love themselves and encouraging women.

“Many women feel alone and without support in all these changes – pregnancy, postnatal weight, depression, abortion, weight loss, disease …”, told Jade, adding that she hopes the new project will be a source of support for all them.


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