Sunday , 21 January 2018

Surprised Your Children With This Homemade Kinetic Sand


If your children want to play with sand, but you just do not want its presence in the house, then enable your children perfect entertainment in cold days and clean house at the same time – make kinetic sand for them.
Kinetic sand is very similar to ordinary sand but also so different. His phenomenon is that in some strange way is both wet and dry. Awesome slip through your fingers, is easy for modeling and simultaneously does not crumbling all around you.

This sand that resembles of plasticine can be found in some stores for toys or bookstore, but we suggest you to do it yourself, using only three ingredients.

For smaller amount of kinetic sand you need a glass of fine sand (in mind you can take and sand intended for pets), a glass of smooth white flour and 10 tablespoons of oil.
Stir well sand and flour then gradually add the oil and stir until you get a mixture that resembles of plasticine between your fingers and look like sand. If you want sand to be in color then in the mixture of flour and sand add bag food coloring of your choice.

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