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Why I Breastfed a Stranger’s Baby

If you couldn’t produce breast milk and you also couldn’t afford expensive formula, would you let a trusted friend breast feed your baby? Okay, technically she pumped the breast milk and didn’t actually breastfeed but it still might make some people a little uneasy. An innocent conversation between two friends turned into a daring commitment and left her questioning if …

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Ice Cream For Baby – Tasty Helper During Teething

See how in ten minutes you can prepare simple and healthy ice cream for the little ones who have problems with the first sprouting teeth. To cope with the pain, your baby needs soft toys and cold food. In recent years, you can often find recipes for tasty and healthy ice cream for babies, which may be an easier way …

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Which Products Can Be Consumed By Babies Aged Between 10-12 Months

  The nutrition of the baby of 10 months consisting of breastfeeding (600 ml formula milk), a fruit snack, lunch (meat with vegetables), juice after lunch as a snack (not milk because of absorption of iron), cereals for breakfast or dinner. Between meals milk-lactation (morning, noon, afternoon, evening before going to bed 4-5 times a day). Always give to your …

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Three Easy And Quick Meals For Baby

We present you recipes for preparing meals in which your baby will enjoy, and which are preparing in a very simple and quick way. If you do not have a lot of time to prepare a complete meal for your child, we suggest you to make one of these three meals: grilled vegetables, yogurt of peach or avocado mash Your …

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How French Babies Sleep Through The Whole Night?

Something interesting about France: their even two-month old babies sleep through the whole night. This is very unusual compared with children from other countries. Their solution is called “La Pause”. When their children wake up or scream, French parents give them one or two minutes to calm themselves and may continue to sleep rather than immediately react. If that do not …

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