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Hidden Sources Of Caffeine Disturb Sleep In Children

While adults can control how much and when to drink coffee, the children can input a large amount of carbonated drinks during the day. Some of these drinks contain caffeine, which can easily disturb sleep, experts warn. Hot chocolate also contains hidden caffeine,as well as chocolate with a high content of cocoa, ice coffee, green tea (and green ice tea) …

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Aunt- Important Person In The Life Of Every Child

Aunts have a particular impact on children, in fact, those with children of their sisters or brothers can develop a special and intimate relationship. Memories of Aunt mainly relate to the fun, jokes and games. Aunt may be a real entertainer, because she does not have parental responsibility. She is a reliable advisor Aunt gives great advice, keep secret and …

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How To Teach Your Child To Swim

Swimming develops the body, increases immunity, affects on the motor skills and adjustment of movements, increases lung capacity, corrects posture and strengthens the musculature. Parents should teach their children to swim even after they turn four years, because only then they can go under water. With small children you should play fun games in a shallow pool. Show them how …

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Be Careful In Which Position Your Child Sits

One of the commonest positions in which small children are sitting is the so-called W position. Child sits on the floor with legs bent at the knees, and each of legs is turned onto its side forming a shape like the letter W. Whenever you notice your child seated in such a position you would have to warn him and …

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Fatherhood Changes The Brain Of A Man

It is clear that the role of the father brings many changes in the life of a man, but it is less expected that fatherhood affects at the functioning of the body. Look through what kind of changes men are going. Members of the male sex of human species are highly unusual because they belong to only six per cent …

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