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Why I Breastfed a Stranger’s Baby

If you couldn’t produce breast milk and you also couldn’t afford expensive formula, would you let a trusted friend breast feed your baby? Okay, technically she pumped the breast milk and didn’t actually breastfeed but it still might make some people a little uneasy. An innocent conversation between two friends turned into a daring commitment and left her questioning if …

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Aunt- Important Person In The Life Of Every Child

Aunts have a particular impact on children, in fact, those with children of their sisters or brothers can develop a special and intimate relationship. Memories of Aunt mainly relate to the fun, jokes and games. Aunt may be a real entertainer, because she does not have parental responsibility. She is a reliable advisor Aunt gives great advice, keep secret and …

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Differences In Rearing The First And The Second Child

When second child comes, everything becomes more relaxed. One mother has selected most sympathetic differences in rearing their two children. After the birth of your first child, you have had more energy and you were curious about everything that can ensure perfect childhood for your child. You have bought various manuals and have consulted with other mothers, is not ?! …

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Happy Parent – Happy Child

If we take into account the specific research about important rules that should be observed for proper upbringing of children, undoubtedly we could separate some crucial directions and concrete steps that will enable correctly upbringing of a happy child. If you want your child to be happy firstly try to make happy yourself. Achieving balance in your life is a …

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