Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Thanks To The Adapted Мilk, I Became A Better Mom!

Although breastfeeding is best for mother and baby, it can sometimes be a big problem. Mother and blogger Constance Hall decided to publicly speak about it because she decided to stop breastfeeding her children.


Mom Constance passed three times through the experience called breastfeeding and how it is wonderful, but she do not skips hard things with which she faced. For that, just like on postpartum depression and postpartum sex she openly writes to his Facebook page.blagodarejki-na-adaptiranoto-mleko-stanav-podobra-majka-2

“Breastfeeding is not always glamorous and definitely not always easy. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was really excited about that special bond that exists between mother and baby, they suck while you are stroking its head and smiling …

But I do not expect to cry in pain, to have cracked nipples and my baby will bring me in incredible agony. Babies are not born taught to suck, some have it to learn yet, and to learn how to baby foods can be very difficult and frustrating. Once, my husband came to the door asked me – if I need anything. I responded by firing for him at that door, “says Constance.

Her sincere story and experience about breastfeeding continues with another painful memory of pumping milk.

“Now I have a rule. If I had to use pump milk, I shall move the formula. Nothing is more valuable than that temptation. Warts in inhaler for pumping milk looks like when a child will stick lips of glass and you would see the other side. Only looks wrinkled.

When someone comes unannounced, and in that moment you pump milk, you have a desire to take something in the free hand and throw away in him ”

She was breastfed twins also, but most of the time giving them formula. While believing that breastfeeding is what connects mother and baby and creates a special bond between them, made sure that it is not exactly so. Her twins breastfeed, but most of the time they ate formula.

“Is my relationship with them weaker? No, not at all. It is even stronger. My relationship with children empowerment as I become calmer, more relaxed, rested, when i they started  to consume adapted milk. ”

All women among her followers, which has nearly half a million – she calls ‘queens’ urged not to feel bad if for any reason not breastfeeding.

“Queens do not fall. Others continue to breastfeed, some remain unshaken, some never did it or did not like it, and some just could not. But none of them was wrong. Baby is fed? Royal success! ”

Mothers, do you agree?

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