Friday , 19 January 2018

The Beauty Of Motherhood: Photography That Shook The Internet Community

Photographer Jade shared photos on Facebook of breastfeeding mothers, and one of them for only one day managed to collect 9000 likes, but also to be removed.

Following the publication of the book “Project beautiful bodies: The bodies of mothers”, in which proud mothers posing with their babies without modification of the image editing programs, without corsets and no makeup, photographer Jade was launched a new project where moms pose while breastfeeding their babies.


The inspiration is found in her own strength portrait while she breastfed her son and was 40 kilos heavier. Exactly had this photo encouraged her to devote a career celebration of beauty, defect, different shapes of the body and the vulnerability of all mothers.
“This image has quickly become viral. Many men have been filled my inbox messages to remove it, even though I censor nipples and genitals just because Facebook was deleting my previous photo.

Do not you think it’s stupid that men can not show nipples while for women the opposite is valid rule? It is not even a problem of Facebook, but culture. I wish I can put photos of naked mother in the act of breastfeeding, but I wish that all Americans redefine their relationship with women’s breasts and celebrate the naked body, its various forms without the need to label as ‘vulgar’ and ‘disgusting’, “says one for “Kosmpolitan”.

“It’s not about whether mothers breastfeed their children or feed them with the help of a bottle. I did not want to promote breastfeeding.  It is not about who is perfect and who is not, but that all should first love ourselves, that we could and the other to love. Regardless of how you feed your baby, you have one or two legs, remember – you are perfect. You are you. You are perfect right now. “1 2

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