Tuesday , 12 December 2017

The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet: How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer in 6 Weeks Flat

Jane Plant was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 42.  However, this was the first time she was diagnosed with a terrible disease and there were four more. As a matter of fact, the fifth time her cancer came back, doctors told her that she had only 2 more months to live. However, instead of losing hope and giving up, Jane and her husband decided to look for other alternatives.

 The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer in 6 Weeks FlatJane found that the breast cancer rate is much lower when compared to U.S and after a thorough research she and her husband reached a conclusion that the Chinese is much different than typical American diet. Therefore, she decided to follow a Chinese diet which included nuts and pulses, lots of fruits, low animal protein, vegetables, and excluded dairy.

As unbelievable as it seems, Jane`s tumor went away six weeks after her diet change. However, even though she felt hopeful, the oncologist said that it is very likely that the tumor would come back again.

Yet, six years later, she is still alive.  She repeated “I’m not dead — I’m still not dead, ”all the time, trying to make herself believe that she had beaten cancer.

Jane didn’t change her predominantly Chinese diet and her tumor has yet to return. She is cancer free even 17 years after her diagnosis, a miracle she ascribes to her new diet.

Source: besthealthyguide.com

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