Thursday , 18 January 2018

The experts demand for this substance to be banned: A substance more dangerous than heroin and cocaine, and it’s legal!

Only one tbsp. of this powder is equal to 28 cups of coffee, and even a small amount of the substance  can cause an overdose (characterized with fast hear beat, panic attacks or even death), claims the FDA.


This powder is being sold on the net, and it is impossible to calculate the right dosage. Several US senators fight for the drug to be banned, especially after two death cases by overdosing in 2014.

The first one was the case of high school teenager Logan Steiner, who wanted to boost his energy, and the second case involves a 24 year old boy who mixed caffeine with alcoholic drinks. After these two cases, the FDA only gave a warning about the dangerous effects of the caffeine powder, but the senators believe that that is not enough.

‘This product can’t be used in safe doses and can be a cause for many people’s deaths if used inappropriately. The use of energy drinks is another unsafe way of boosting your energy’, states in the letter one of the senators.

Caffeine leads to a higher blood pressure, which can cause strokes both brain and heart, and it’s recommended to be very careful how much caffeine you use.


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