Friday , 19 January 2018

The mother of a two-week baby shocked the world and has no intention to give up


Cindy Liver says she has experience with her child since its birth.

“The first time I told my husband that I do not plan to put diapers on the baby and that from birth I will learn him to pee in the toilet, he thought I was crazy,”  reveals this new mom, adding that her husband’s opinion changed when he saw her holding the baby over the sink in the bathroom and tells him to piss.

“Then he joined me in the decision and got used to it,” says Cindy.

Elimination communication or natural infant hygiene, as it is called this practice applied in many cultures in the world, but not in Western countries.

“The baby does not differ from adults. By using diapers, they are getting used to defecates in them because adults do not understand their need to carry them in the toilet, “claims Cindy. “They lost their instinct to six months, if the need had been ignored.”

This mom says that many people do not believe that the baby may announce their need for the toilet.

“Just as they have been informed when are tired or hungry, so they communicate when they need to go to the toilet. It only needs to concentrate and to pay attention. ”

Cindy says that she uses common sense and instinct and she’s trying to listen to her baby.

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