The Our Family

The Our Family, published by the Missionary Oblates of St. Mary’s Province [ Saskatchewan ], directs it magazine to the average Catholic parishioner. We deliberately choose articles that can be read at one sitting with a strong desire to have articles that relate to the personal experiences of our readers.

We aim to be a balanced Catholic publication that supports and nourishes the faith and family life of our readers. Our articles focus on strengthening our marriages, growing in communication within our families and marriages, living our sacrament, growth in prayer, the life of our parish and understanding the ministry of the church. We want to have first- person stories of Catholic Christians who are trying to live their faith, to seek healing and walk with our Church.

Our readership comes from right across Canada. We have a higher concentration of subscribers in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We publish in a magazine format with two colours and a full colour cover. Each month the forty pages feature a special section for parents to use in their parish liturgies, letters to the editor, a monthly column on spirituality today , a look at Catholics who are trying to make a difference and issues that need a second look.

We invite you to give our magazine a good read. Send any suggestions that you may have. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Write your comments and suggestions to us. We are very interested in hearing from you.