Tuesday , 16 January 2018

The Stomach Burns Due Of Anger, Chest Tightening Of Pride: Disease Warns Us Of A Bad Way

We are well aware that our body sends a message about all that was going on inside. Warns us and lets us know that something should or should not do, eat, simply informs us about all the internal changes and processes.
Due to the rapid and stressful life on the signals that the body sends us do not pay attention enough or at all. Thus, every phenomenon in our body, rapid heartbeat, mild pain that i we do not have time to pay attention – mean something.

Discover exactly what’s in your body “rebels” when something bothers you and it hurts.

Cold “leaking” when the body does not cry. Because you’re probably under stress, you eat unhealthy, your body has no more way to rest or defending so it is responding with decline in immunity, colds.

Sore throat “shut up” when you can not express the sorrow. When we are sad, we are more susceptible to pain in the throat.

The stomach “burns” when anger does not manage to get out. Anger and stress or any other type of commonly affects the stomach problems. Whether it comes gastritis, giareja …
Diabetes “attack” when loneliness hurts. The so-called diabetes often manifests managed to win your immunity just at the moment when you are lonely …

The body is “getting fatter” when gnawing dissatisfaction. As a result of dissatisfaction with the often over-eat,  our hormones work differently under stress so the food is easier to “beautifully”.
Headache “oppressive” when growing doubts. We receive headaches. usually from doubts and dilemmas.
The heart is “giving up” when the meaning of life is exhausted. When we think we’re out of something that will pull us forward, still, the heart often reacts.

Chest “tightening” when pride enslaves. Chest pain and shortness of breath may have to do with injured pride.

Pressing “grow” when fear is captured. Under the influence of fear, the pressure increases.

Nervousness “paralyzed” when inner is a wild child. When we are under pressure too and we do not feel free, we are nervous.

Fever “heated” when the limits  of immunity are fighting. When viruses and bacteria attacking our last limits of immunity, the body fight the fever.

Knees “hurt” when your pride is tilted. When your pride’s hurt, joints are often destroyed.
Cancer “kills” When you get tired of life. When we feel that our life does not make sense, when we believe we are fed up long term this can lead to tumors because the piled = stress cancer.
Disease notify us when we mistake the way.

Listed above is not always the case, but most often the case. So “listen” to what your body tells and even thoughts try to help him recover.

Positive thoughts and sincere belief in them are the best remedy for repairing all aspects of life, and health.

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