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These Photos Men Were Considered For “Disgusting.” What Do You Think About?

Breastfeeding can be an art, especially if is immortalized in front of camera. The mother and artist Jade Bill took photos of different mothers while they were breastfeeding their children


This artist success using the camera to notice the most intimate moments between mothers and their babies.

Soon after she has published photos of her Facebook page, because of the nudity which is not allowed in the social network, Jade had to hide certain parts of the body.


When for the first time Jade has presented a group photo of seven naked mothers who breastfeed their children for only two hours, this art gained more over a thousand likes on Facebook.


Although received numerous comments and messages of support, to their surprise Jade faced with negative comments that this picture called disgusting. It is interesting that most of the negative comments came from men who were dissatisfied with the “explicit breastfeeding which is considered as a kind of obscenity and vulgarity.”


Because of these comments, Jade was forced to remove some of the pictures from her site.

In one image, this artist has forgotten to hide the nipples of a mother. Because of what someone has reported for spreading of pornography.


Jade, as he says, is not angry about the transparency of social networks, but because such reactions because Facebook on the one hand allows for “vulgar, but social behavior of many Americans, on the other hand forbids artistic expression.”


If we set share photography from disproportionately female, we are breaking the rules, just because someone that picture would characterize as “disgusting picture”, because it is not sexy enough. I think it is not fair, says Jade.

What do you think about these photos? Are they also disgusting for you ? What is your opiniot


  1. When privacy becomes public…is there a self respect? I feel those pictures are inappropriate… We put on clothes to cover our body from shame… Shameful pictures they are.

    • A woman breast feeding her child is not shameful. It is entirely natural and normal and these pictures capture the bond between a mother and child that can form from breast feeding. Publicising these photos helps to normalise something that is a normal thing that has been done by women for tens of thousands of years. These pictures are beautiful.

      • I can understand the breast feeding .. why the nudity with that .. isn’t it something women love to do .. get nude and show off.

    • you live in shame…you live in the original sin…fear not my dear…

    • Feeding your kid is shameful? What a weird notion

    • Self respect comes from within, not the petty notions of a stuck up cunt.

  2. OMG- These are so Beautiful. I would rather my teen son see these than most spreads or ads in any major magazine-Wonderful. Liza, Doula, MA

    • Yes….agreed 100%. It’s okay for half naked woman to be plastered in windows of stores…or woman walking around dressed provocative and men love it. .. but god forbid you feed your child and your being shamed. Smh!!

  3. Its fabulous… I dont think its disgusting… I think these pictures are portraying the most soft and intimate relation between a child and a mother.. A mother gives birth to a child and a child also gives birth to a mother at the same point of time…

  4. Tasteful and lovely photos. There is nothing but pure joy in each if them. Absolutely nothing shameful and not to be hidden away like pork.
    I would include them with art on my walls

  5. Nature and beauty!
    2 most important things in life
    Motherhood celebration!##

  6. These are beautiful…. Shameful most definitely NOT!! Breasts were intended first and foremost for feeding our children before anything else. Sad to see so many being so judgemental.

  7. I find it truly disturbing that we as a society are disguised by these images of natural beauty. …but we don’t blink an eye to the naked backside of a Kardashian on the cover of a magazine….get it together people!!!! IT’S CALLED A FOOD SOURCE, NATURE! Stop thinking like a sex craved teenager and grow up!

  8. Beautiful…natural

  9. David A. Evans​​

    Wonderful, heartwarmingly beautiful, inspiring……

  10. I admire women who breastfeed their kids
    My question is why advertise naked

  11. Agyei Manu Douglas

    I admire women. may the good Lord bless our mummies.

  12. I don’t find them offensive as such, but don’t believe it’s necessary to show ‘everything’ off either.

  13. Well, here is one man who finds these photos utterly beautiful and natural! The only thing shameful about naked human bodies is the attitudes of some who don’t want to see them!

  14. I find most of these photos beautiful. Women are beautiful, babies are beautiful and the relationship between mums and their babes is glorious, so how can you go wrong? That said, I generally don’t hang around naked while nursing, the first few weeks after birth excepted, of course. So I find these pictures lovely, but not truly represntive of the reality of breastfeeding. And while I don’t use blankets or other extra coverings while I nurse in public I do try to make sure I am basically covered.

  15. This is as beautiful as beautiful can be.Salaam.

  16. Truly art. Just like in old times. REAL women being real women. All of the sudden that is offensive? These are truly beautiful. Art that shows a beautiful time in ALL peoples lives. Procreation is best kept private between 2 people, but let’s face it. After you have a baby you won’t get privacy for a long long time and you still have a lot to get done. Why should this be something you should have to go find a place to hide to do? You are feeding a child. Not relieving yourself or having sex.

  17. I think it is the most natural thing in the world for a woman to breast feed her children. That is what they were put there for in the first place, not for man’s pleasure, but for the reassurance that after birth our children would have life sub-staining food. As with all creatures of God. And what difference does it make if these model, or mothers, are in the buff?? Big deal!! They are beautiful no matter what. Don’t any of you dare to tell me that you haven’t looked or sneaked a peek at a naked man or woman or both in some magazine somewhere, at sometime in your life. Don’t be so hypercritical! You see worse stuff than this on TV for goodness sakes anymore. So be proud of your fellow women that have put themselves out there to show their pride in themselves and in motherhood!! And as far as men finding the wrong or repulsive, well your just pissed cause it aint you sucking on those breast the way I see it. Most of you men are selfish when it comes to the naked women anyways. You can have all the naked pictures and porn of them you want, but let women want gorgeous pictures of naked men and we are sick. So I pay you no attention. I am proud of these ladies.

  18. You don’t have to be completely naked to breastfeed your child, especially in public. This is disgusting

  19. These photos are not art! They are pornography while breast feeding a child! I have no issues with breastfeeding (I did so myself with all of my children) . There is no need to breastfeed and have the rest of your body naked as well as pose in irotic positions (like the first pic) those who say if it’s ok for karTrashians to be half naked and mothers not, these women in the pics are as trashy as those KarTrashians and have stooped down to their level. They make breast feeding in public more hated than they actually contribute to it being more acceptable! This is not the way to breast feed unless your in the privacy of your own home.

  20. Nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding her child. I just doubt they do it in the nude. I think the issue has been completely misinterpreted & now it’s like let’s get nude to prove a point. For me getting nude is in privacy with my husband. No one needs to see me nude. To me it’s more about respecting myself enough not to be nude for the world to see. This seems like some nasty shit Kim K would pull for attention. Be comfortable in your skin doesn’t mean posing nude.

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