Saturday , 25 November 2017

Things that every mum is doing, although she did not believe in it

Parenthood brings a lot of beautiful things and pleasures. But the truth is that every day is not such easy with children. Sometimes mom does things that had never thought that she would. And it is quite normal! We have selected some of that situation.

Starring that is deaf

Arguing behind closed doors or crying from the next room in the middle of the night will not easily force mother to jump by the millionth time. Anyway it seems that everyone in the family are deaf, as the children and the husband, whenever they want it. So why mum would not ?


 She is often lying

Whether she is lying her child: “You will not like this chocolate,” “You see it’s dark, it’s time for bed.” “In this sauce has no vegetables.” Or the husband: “Not tonight, I have a headache / I am on my period, “it seems that the (small) lies are constantly present in the life of a mother. All for a little peace and sleep.

She has forgotten what privacy means

When Mom goes into the bathroom, this means that calling will start for 3, 2, 1 … “muuuum!”

She mixes names of children

Although he participated in the choice of children’s names for months,sometimes simply there comes a moment when all these names mix

It seemed to her that she constantly listens voice or crying of her child

Especially when she is in the shower while her child is sleeping peacefully in another room.


She cries very often

Moms  can cry literally for everything: sweet cat on Facebook, Xfactor, the title of a cheerful event, children on holiday, the first day of school, the last day of school … Yes, moms can be quite tearful. And only mothers would understand this.



Playing  a judge

Kids constantly in front of their mom give evidence like “Mom, she told me ….” And “It is not true she is ….”, Waiting for the reaction and the judgment in someone’s favor. And thus every day.


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