Thursday , 23 November 2017

This Teenage Boy Woke Up In Agony During A Sleepover, Then He Realised The Cause

Everyone remembers the crazy moments they had with their friends during a sleepover when they were a kid. And I’m sorry to say it but if you never had a sleepover as a kid did you even have a childhood?

The best sleepovers were the ones where you were the guest, and were free from your parents for a whole night. You and your pals would stay up late watching horror movies or having pillow fights before collapsing into a long, deep sleep. And then when one of your friends was definitely asleep, you and your sneaky friends would take it as an opportunity to play a prank on them.

There was the classic “hand in warm water trick” which would supposedly make your buddies wet the bed. Or perhaps you and your friends were more inventive and came up with something far more elaborate.

In any case, there would usually be a practical joke of some sort and your unwitting friend would wake up surrounded by fits of laughter. Or perhaps you yourself were the butt of the joke…

If the joke was reasonably innocent, you’d most likely forgive your friends. But what would you do if the so-called prank left you with a serious injury? An injury that looked a little like this…

This kid was left with first and second-degree burns when the boys he thought were his friends did something horrific to him while he was fast asleep. This story really isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s incredibly heartbreaking what this young boy had to go through…

Nickolas Conrad, a 15-year-old boy from Arkansas, was at a sleepover with six of his friends when an appalling act of violence was inflicted on him.

Nickolas told KTHV: “I felt this really bad burning on my neck and when I woke up and I started screaming and crying.”

Nickolas’ friends had poured boiling hot water on him while he was sleeping, which led to him developing first and second degree burns on a part of his neck

According to Nickolas, “It was the worst pain of my life. They’re not my friends anymore and they’re not going to be.”

His mother, was deeply shocked at the act of cruelty that her son had to endure: “I thought it had been an accident but when I found out it was deliberate, it’s so concerning.”

But why did the boys do it in the first place? Well, they wanted to complete an online “craze” called the “hot water challenge” in which children are dared to throw hot water onto unsuspecting people.

The hot water challenge is intended as a “joke”, but naturally leads to horrific physical consequences.

Sergeant Keith Wilson who works for the Sherwood Police Department said: “We’re now talking with our school resource officers who are working with school administrators to educate all the students to not do this and that this is not a joke.”

What happened to this young boy was awful, pure and simple. No one in their wildest dreams could possibly imagine going for a sleepover with their friends only to wake up in the middle of the night in agony because of a sadistic prank. As of yet, no charges have been filed, but Sergeant Keith Wilson maintains that the boys involved in the prank could be “facing felony charges.”


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