Saturday , 25 November 2017

Three Typical Female Problems And Solutions For Them

You have a headache? Think of the worst? Just relax. Some symptoms can turn you into a hypochondriac. Important thing is to not panic.

  • Symptoms: You are constantly tired

If you are average employed woman and mother though, the most common cause of fatigue is lack of sleep or free time. Another reason may be lack of iron in the blood due to abundant menstruation. If you think that it is chronic fatigue syndrome, know that it is a particularly difficult situation and not like an ordinary fatigue.

What can you do: Take days off and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

When to see a doctor: If fatigue is accompanied with pain or weight loss.

  • Symptom: Persistent headaches

Do not even think that you have serious problems. It is likely, especially if the pain starts at the end of the day, that you suffer from tension headache, which occurs when stress causes contraction of the muscles of the head and neck.

What can you do: If you suffer from headaches, it is necessary to treat the cause, for example, stress, back pain or eye strain. But the pain can be reduced by capture a tuft of hair near the sore spot and moderately to pull and rotate a few seconds. In that way you will stimulate blood flow in the brain and relieve pulsation in the head.

When to see a doctor: Headaches accompained with limb weakness or vision problems require urgent review.

  • Symptom: Abundant menstruation

The most likely cause is hormonal nature. Previous periods probably have been weaker or you have not received, so now your body is renewing.

What can you do: Wait for the following period, the problem may be only temporary.

When to see a doctor: If the problem lasts longer than three months or you lose too much blood.

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