Thursday , 18 January 2018

Time For Nettle: Introduce This In Your Child’s Diet


Nettle is known for its benefits for health, but it can also be used to prepare healthy porridge
Immunity your children the best you will strengthen the introduction of this not-so-popular plants spring is the time to enrich the children’s menu.

Prepare nettle puree that will soon be in abundance. Do not forget blanched nettles and throw water before using to prepare porridge.

Porridge of nettles and potatoes

Nettles blanched, discard the water from cooking and add the water in which potatoes are cooked, which had already softened. When cooked, add a little olive oil and mix gradually with adding water until you get the desired consistency.

Porridge of nettle and fennel

Special blanch nettle and add the fennel, which is almost cooked. Miksirajte the same as the previous porridge, gradually adding water.

Porridge of nettle and carrots

Carrots and little potatoes chop into cubes and cook and at the end add the blanched nettles. If you believe that a child does not get enough fluid, you can add more water in foods and also take the form of soup.

Nettle can be used in all other combinations as well as a quality substitute for spinach in many combinations with rice and all the other vegetables.

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