Saturday , 25 November 2017

Video : Doctor gives baby an injection in a lovely way

Most of the parents knows well how hard is to give an injection to the young child.


Are they afraid of look of the needles or sting really hurts them so much ,it is not known, but the screams and crying are inevitable in a large number of children.

But one doctor has discovered the perfect method to it that the child injection without screaming, crying and resistance, and many have agreed to allow him to be given a medal for creativity and access.

Namely, he has understood that in young children all can pass if they perform throughout the game, including injections. So when you bring to him your children, it will receive the necessary medication, but will also have a good time with the “” magic tricks ” from the creative doctor.

While you hold your child in your lap, he “plays” with two injections. One apparently stings into his legs and spinning it by which he’s entertaining the little patient, then right injection gives a child, apparently in the same way as to himself.
See how this great doctor do this!

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