Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Watching These Best Friends From a Chinese Orphanage Reunite in the US Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

If you’ve ever wondered what pure joy looks like, just watch the toddlers above. Hannah, 4, and Dawson, 3, were fast friends at a Chinese orphanage but hadn’t seen each other for 11 months. You see, Hannah was adopted by the Sykes family in Lewisville, TX, last year. As the Sykeses began the adoption process, they quickly noticed that a little boy was in most of the pictures with their intended daughter.

Once the family went to China to pick up Hannah and saw the bond between the two tots, they knew they had to do something. “When we toured the orphanage and I saw their response to each other, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh. We can’t leave this boy in China,'” Sharon Sykes told Fox 4 News.

Even before the Sykeses returned to Texas, Sharon posted the little boy’s photo on Facebook in hopes that she could find someone to adopt him too. It took less than a day for someone to show Dawson’s photo to Chris and Amy Clary, who happen to live five minutes away from the Sykes family. Though they already had three kids age 3 and under, the Clarys couldn’t resist the little boy’s story. Eleven months later, the Clary family’s adoption of Dawson came to a conclusion with the little boy’s arrival at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The moment Dawson and Hannah were reunited at the airport is the purest expression of joy you will ever see. “They must have hugged 400 times. They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over,” Amy Clary told CBS News.

As Sharon wrote in her caption to the video, “Y’all this is such a God thing and an answer to prayer. The right people, in the right place at the right time… A miracle.”

Source: www.popsugar.com

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