Monday , 11 December 2017

When you do not know what to do, You let out a cartoon! Are you sin?

There is no parent, even  the biggest opponent of television, which did not avail cartoons to calm the child. About how that decision could be detrimental we are speaking hereafter.

There is no clear answer to the eternal dilemma of young parents. Is it okay to let out a cartoon while I take a nap? It is probably fine if you do not nap.


Technology development is inevitable and will not stop with anger or pity. Parents and children will be victims of new technologies only if they have admitted that. Children need to grow up understanding how certain technological devices or programs running, in which laws and rules, and not only to know which icon should be pressed.

Children need to be brought up to be masters of the technique, not its victims. They must learn to “programmed or be programmed.” Parents must not hinder them because of their own fear or ignorance to ensure this.

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