Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Who babysits your kids?

koj-gi-cuva-vasite-deca-1Babysitting once was the best way for teenagers to make their own pocket money, but most of the modern parents say that they will allow only other adults or members of the family to babysit their kids.

The modern parents say that they remember how teenagers used to babysit them when they were kids, but they don’t want the same treatment for their own kids. As a result, the average age of those who babysit increased from 14 to 34. These are results of a survey in which 1800 parents with kids under the age of 10 participated.

According to the survey, more than a half(51%) of the modern parents leave their children to their grandparents. As a second choice, parents pick older members of the family, for ex. uncle or aunt (32%) or their friends (17%).

Only 16% said that they would leave their kid to a younger person from the family, for ex. a cousin. Only 4% would hire a professional babysitter, whereas just 1% said that sometimes they leave their kids to the neighbor, which they don’t know really well.

The survey results lead to some new breakthroughs: the average age of the babysitters is 34, which means that it has increased in the last years rapidly. On the other hand, the participents in this survey were babysat by 14 year olds (average). 79% of the participants said that they were also babysat as kids, and most of them (55%) stated that they were babysat by an older member of the family – an elder brother or a cousin.

It seems that modern parents are way more careful in choosing the person who will babysit their kid. More than a half of the modern parents (56%) agreed with the fact that they are more careful than their parents, whereas 21% of the participants think that today’s teenagers are less responsible and more wild compared to 20 years ago.

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