Monday , 11 December 2017

Who is happier, couples with kids or childfree couples?

The scientists came to a conclusion that couples with children are as happy as the ones who decide to not have children.

“Parents value their own life more highly than people without children, but those who have children tend to be wealthier, better educated and in better health”, the study shows. “When you have the control over all of these factors, there isn’t a big difference in life evaluation”, explains the co-author of the study published in LiveScience.


The research suggests that people who chose one of these lifestyles were pretty much satisfied by their decision. “Couples who have kids, love kids. Those who don’t like kids, they simply don’t want to have them, and why should there be any expectations that the ones should be happier than the others?” the study continues.

Conflicting results

Studies on parenthood have come up with conflicting results. Some studies show that for young parents, happiness declines with the birth of each additional child but that people with big families have more joy in midlife. Other studies have found that parents are happier than nonparents. And still other work has found that children put a damper on marital satisfaction.

So, the parents are as happy as the ones who decided not to have any children, but what’s interesting is the fact that there is still a difference in the level of happiness when we grow older and when we do or don’t have any grandchildren. It is proved that children make grandparents happy, who enjoy having them around and giving them all their love, and still they don’t experience the same stress as the parents.

Choice is key

In the modern day, having children is largely a choice. Choosing either can lead to happiness, and different people choose different routes in life.

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