Thursday , 18 January 2018

Why I Breastfed a Stranger’s Baby

If you couldn’t produce breast milk and you also couldn’t afford expensive formula, would you let a trusted friend breast feed your baby?

Okay, technically she pumped the breast milk and didn’t actually breastfeed but it still might make some people a little uneasy.

An innocent conversation between two friends turned into a daring commitment and left her questioning if she had made the right decision. I personally think this woman is is a spectacular human being and a great best friend. Her friend didn’t qualify for any state-assisted food programs and was obviously a little financially strapped.

Realizing her son was going to miss out on the benefits of breast milk that formula doesn’t provide, she started to tear up. I’m sure she felt so completely lost in what to do for her son or to just suck it up and buy the formula she knew she couldn’t afford.

Her best friend stepped up and simply said “I will feed him.” A stay at home mom with breasts so swollen from all of the milk she was producing, just having a baby only 1o days earlier. After a little back and forth they decided to go ahead with it. Off to a pediatricians office for approval and voila, breast milk for the baby boy.

A super smart idea of freezing her breast milk, handing it off to her friend and the baby, and then her friend thawing and feeding her new little boy. Obviously receiving a negative reaction from other moms…but why? We donate blood, organs, and sperm to help other people in need so what is wrong with breast milk donation? Absolutely nothing, I think.

I commend these two friends for stepping up, believing in each other and their decision, and not caring what society thinks in order to provide a healthy lifestyle for a newborn baby. What do you guys think?

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  1. I think what this woman did for her friend is the true definition of selflessness. I’m sure she knew that not only could she give her own child the best nutrition and antibodies she could also give that gift to het friends baby also. What a very special woman. She deserves mom of the year! You are one of my heroes ma’am.

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