Sunday , 21 January 2018

Why You Should Not Treat The Cold With Medicines


During a cold or virus, parents must know that it is not a crucial decision for children to be given an antibiotic.

It should be understood that the temperature is a natural defense mechanism that our bodies defend. At the moment when the body temperature will climb to 38.5 then the body releases more than 3 billion white blood cells that go to the site of infection.
If you start to drink remedies against temperature at the only 37.5 or 38 in that case the body is not able to fight.

Pediatricians advise when you notice that the child has a temperature, let the hot body for 6 hours to fight the virus or bacteria. So do the body a favor, and with that also to the immune system and the organism. Otherwise, you make lazy immune system. Doctors say that is not necessary to give even Paracetamol.
If the temperature remains at a reasonable level, it is not necessary to give medicines even after 6 hours.

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