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Would You Ban an Unvaccinated Child From Your Own Kid’s Playdate or Party?

Do unvaccinated kids get invited to your family’s social events?

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We want to know: Would you ban an unvaccinated child from your own kid’s playdate or birthday party?

Looking after a group of young children is never easy. Making sure they are happy, safe, and healthy at a birthday party or playdate can be a daunting task. With hawk-like supervision, playground injuries are preventable enough, but keeping your child from contracting an illness or disease from one of his playmates can be tricky, especially when not all parents are on the same page regarding the vaccination of their children.

In recent years, a contentious debate about the merits and dangers of vaccines has arisen. As a result, whether it be because of religious, philosophical, or health reasons, some parents have chosen to opt out of immunizing their children. However, as one example, the CDC estimates that the vaccination rates for children between 19-35 months old still ranges between 82-93 percent for various life threatening diseases, making those who decide not to vaccinate their children a small minority. Unfortunately, this decision has ramifications beyond the individual health of a child, as parents of other kids may decide to avoid the risk of prolonged contact with an unvaccinated child.

What do you think? Would you ban an unvaccinated child from your own kid’s playdate or birthday party?  Share your thoughts below!

 Source: www.parents.com


  1. Of course not. If I had a new infant I might ask those recently vaccinated with a live virus to stay away. MMR, Varicella, FluMist, and more can all shed for weeks after administered! I’d worry about someone actually carrying a live virus, rather than a chiuld who isn’t even sick. You can’t soread what you don’t have.

  2. Absolutely NOT!

  3. No, i would ban all the vaccinated kids shedding their live virus vaccines! Just because kids aren’t vaccinated doesn’t mean they are walking around carrying an array of diseases and spreading them 🙄 It’s the vaccinated that spread diseases!!!

  4. The idea that an unvaccinated child could pose a risk to your vaccinated child is asinine. Lets just humor the idea of a parent bringing their sick child to a birthday party, if your vaccinated child has already had their shots and are now “immune” from the disease then what are you worried about, them getting the disease you just vaccinated against? Isn’t that kind of fear stemming from the idea that vaccines don’t work? You’ll find a trail of outbreaks actually occur within vaccinated populations because most vaccines contain the live virus and have the ability to shed. Look up Purtessis outbreaks in fully vaccinated preschools or measles outbreaks in fully vaccinated high schools. Even better look up the st Jude visitor guide lines, it says you cannot visit if you have just received some of the vaccinations that contain live viruses. If any thing the parent of the unvaccinated child should be more concerned about brining their child to a birthday party where children have just recieved their MMR or Pertussis shots. This kind of article only serves to plant seeds of discrimination to parents that trust vaccines or have not been educated on the full picture of vaccines.

  5. No. There are plenty of viruses that are not vaccinated for and we don’t worry about those. Ex HFM, leprosy, diarrhea, etc. You cannot pass on what you do not have. Medical information is also personal and private and is not anyone’s place to ask. If you go out in public you are with people every single day and do not ask them all what their status is. If an adult hasn’t receive booster shots in over 10 years they are essentially not vaccinated either. Are you going to make everyone get their Titres checked before they come over too? Have you had each vaccinated child checked for immunity to the vaccinated for illnesses? Vaccines are not 100% effective or we wouldn’t need booster shots so how do you know immunity was gained?

  6. No! That is stupid. And discrimination. Why are people afraid of the non vacccinated HEALTHY kids but are perfectly fine being around someone with a compromised immune system, that can’t be vaccinated? Someone’s vaccine status is not your business. We don’t go around asking everyone if they have HIV, or tuberculosis, or staph infection or MRSA. But freak out about disease free kids? Way to adhere to that fear mongering. 👍 that’s exactly what they want!

  7. This is ridiculous. We vaccinate but the idea that an unvaccinated child should be shunned is insane. Can we please put a lid on the anti-vaxxer shaming??

  8. Never. You can’t spread diseases you don’t have.

  9. You make it seem like unvaccinated kids are walking cesspools! How can they spread a disease they don’t have? The vaccinated kid is the only one with the disease bc they were injected with it! I wonder how some people get by in life constantly living in fear?

  10. It would take someone with a seriously low IQ to do so, not least because the recently vaccinated will be the ones physically shedding a live virus, which the unvaccinated children do not have.

    Then you’d have to titre test all the adults as well for all the vaccines on the current CDC schedule, which we know has grown exponentially of late so most parents won’t have had more than half the vaccines on the current list. That is ignoring the fact that the vaccines would have most likely worn off by now (even if they produced any immunity)

    And all that is if you are lacking in knowledge to think vaccines reduced diseases that the data shows were declining hugely long before vaccines even came about….

  11. How has vaccination status become such an issue?? Who cares?? If you’re vaccinated you’re “protected” right? Unvaccinated kids are not walking Petrie dishes full of disease, in fact, they are healthier and brighter than vaccinated children. I wish people would take the time to research vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry AND our corrupt government instead of blindly accepting authority that has NO interests other than $$$$$$$. The legal classification of vaccines is “unavoidably unsafe” – where there is risk – and there IS – there must be choice.

  12. I think anyone who thinks it is ok to discriminate against a child based on their medical status is not someone that should be around my kids or any kids for that matter…. its not ok to treat children in such a manner. A child who is not vaccinated is no more of a threat to anyone than any other child.

  13. No why would you. When the vaccinated are already protected

  14. Unvaccinated children are not walking disease ridden humans.
    It is always said that the unvaccinated are responsible for all outbreaks.. but this simply isn’t always true as the MMR & VARICELLA vaccines are LIVE and have the potential to shed to other children.
    There has never been such a massive scale of panic when it comes to children’s health like in today’s age. Children used to be able to play without any concerns of passing germs but in this germ-o-phob age it’s getting a little out of hand.
    But in the case of parties the parents certainly do have the right to not invite certain children.. if they knew that child wasn’t vaccinated.

  15. The real question is, Would that unvaccinated friend ban you, since you’re the one sharing by “shedding” the illness. You can’t give away what you don’t have. Just go look at the study of vaccinated individuals passing pertussis when they are asymptomatic, so you don’t know to stay away from them. Yes there ya a problem, and this study found it. “Cacconing” means you’re ensuring your child gets sick.

  16. Absolutely not. I tell you who I would ban tho, all recently vaccinated kids.

  17. Considering the fact that it’s the vaccinated kids that are spreading the so called deadly diseases because vaccines shed, no I wouldn’t ban an unvaccinated child from a party. And most of these “deadly” dieseas are anything but, it’s great propaganda being spread by big pharma so they don’t lose their cash cow.

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