Tuesday , 12 December 2017

‘You nursed me all night long!’ Breastfeeding mothers rock out to AC/DC in parody music video about sleepless nights

It’s the parody song that will get stuck in your head all day long, made in honour of World Breastfeeding Week.

MYLF (Mothers I’d like to friend), a mother’s comedy group based in Los Angeles shared their hilarious breastfeeding parody to the AC/DC classic ‘You shook me all night long’.

Their version of the song and music video which has over 56,000 views.

Rock mummy! Masha Sapron wrote the breastfeeding parody of the AC/DC classic while nursing her daughter

Ode to breastfeeding: The video took two and a half years to complete and their editor wanted it complete in time for World Breast Feeding week

Masha Sapron, a mother-of-three, created the video as an ode to breastfeeding mums and the struggles they go through.

‘Our video takes the purity of breastfeeding it an juxtaposes it with an 80’s song about sex and references other 80’s videos that objectified women,’ Ms Sapron told Daily Mail Australia.

‘If you take the lust for those women a couple steps further you end up with babies who need to be breastfed, so now you have these icons breastfeeding and that’s ironic,’ she added.

The idea for the song came while nursing her then nine-month-old daughter all night long which made her think of the AC/DC tune.

 Have a laugh! The mother-of-three hopes to help put a smile of other breastfeeding mums face, 'even if they feel like a cow all the time'

'Nursed you all night long': Ms Sapron was able to crowd source mothers from online mothers groups to dance in the music video

'She was a milk machine': The comedian mum was able to source help from film personnel, dancers and make up artists

From there she wrote out her version: ‘she was a milk machine, she kept the house unclean, she was the cutest damn baby. That I’d ever seen.’

‘And you, nursed me all night long. Yeah, you, nursed me all night long,’ she sings

Ms Sapron, through her husband’s film industry connections she was even worked with professional singers, producers and mixers to record the song.

For the music video she was able to assemble film personnel, dancers, make-up artists (who all happened to be parents).

She even crowd sourced mothers from a online mothers groups to help dance in the hilarious music video.

Ms Sapron added that the video took two and a half years to create during which she found out she was pregnant again with twins.

'You're not alone': Director of photography Cat Deakins said that the videos feedback had been great and giving people a little laugh even in the hard times

Babies who need to be fed: Ms Sapron said the video takes the purity of breastfeeding it an juxtaposes it with an 80's song that objectifies women 

‘We shot the video a year ago and were trying to get the video finished earlier but it kept getting pushed by paid projects. Larissa, our editor, really rallied to have it done in time for world breastfeeding week,’ she added.

Cat Deakins, the director of photography said reaction to the video has been great.

‘Just giving people a little laugh and a lift as they struggle with the hard times and the bad nights,’ Ms Deakins said.

She added: ‘MYLF’s goal has always been to make mums laugh at the hard stuff. The fact is, even if you feel like a cow all the time, even if you are exhausted from lack of sleep or are having troubles with latch or milk supply, you aren’t alone.’


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